110 Jerkbait- Unpainted (order 5mm eyes)


Unpainted 110 jerkbait

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110 Jerkbait- unpainted. Small steel ball rattles. 4-1/2″ length. Diving depth ~4′-6′. Similar to the Megabass Vision 110. Add on 5mm eyes, split rings and (3) #6 treble hooks and all you will need is paint. Or fish them as-is in clear water!

NOTE: Getting this bait to suspend properly may require some tuning. Depending on the amount of paint and clearcoat applied, you may have to experiment with different size split rings at all three hook locations as well as the nose. And don’t rule out changing hook sizes and brands either. Once your lure is painted and sealed, start with #2 split rings and #6 treble hooks, then change sizes as needed to get the rising, suspending or sinking action you desire.

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