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  • Throwback WakeWalker


    Original Throwback Swimbaits WakeWalker.  6.75in long and 2.75oz in weight, this bait is a force to be reckoned with. Wake it, walk it, crank it, burn it, if you can think it this bait can do it. Ships with custom black eyes, Swimbait Underground #2 Hooks, owner hyper wire split rings, and swivel hook hangers!

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  • 7″ Crappie by OGCL (order 12mm eyes)


    Made in America, the hand poured Crappie resin swimbait blank is 7″ long body, 2.4 oz +/-, slow sinking. 2 segments with a soft brush tail. Silent. Turns great on a pause and has a nice S curve on a fast retrieve. Add on our 12mm eyes.  Recommend hardware is 1/0 treble hook on the …

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  • Mad J Slam 245 (includes 7mm eyes)


    The Mad J Slam 245 is similar to the Madness Japan Balam 245 Swimbait.  At 9.6″ in length, it gets the big bites.  Super soft silicone tail, four-joint construction, enticing swimming action for high-speed retrieves. Swims great at high speeds without rolling over or blowing out. Available in floating or sinking versions.  Floating weighs~3.4oz, Sink …

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  • 2.5 HQ Swoop


    The 2.5 HQ Swoop is a premium quality blank with an internal weight transfer system (WT) for long accurate casts.  Similar in profile to the Evoke 2.0, the 2.5 HQ Swoop has a body length of 2.5″, an overall length of 3″, and weighs 0.7oz. Dives to around 5-7′ depending on hook and line size. …

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  • Deep Crank LCD35


    Similar to the Lucky Craft LC 3.5XD The Deep Crank LCD35  goes extra deep and hits depths of up to 20-feet. It’s a bulkier crankbait with a great action. The large bill is perfect for deflecting off deep structure and cover.  Add our 6mm eyes & hooks, and all you’ll need is paint.  

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  • Micro Riprap 1-1/8″


    Micro 30mm Riprap Lipless. 1-1/8″, 0.1 oz. Rattling. Sinking. Similar to the Rapala Rippin’ Rap, but in a micro size. Add on 2.5 – 3mm eyes, split rings and #12 treble hooks and all you will need is paint…just a little paint.

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